child waving to image on laptop showing Benefits of Telehealth for Autism Treatment

Benefits of Telehealth for Autism Treatment

Benefits of telehealth for autism treatment include expanding access for those living in rural settings, lowering costs, and providing more flexibility for families with children that have autism spectrum disorder (or ASD). Ascend Autism understands the utility and value of telehealth, which is why we offer it to give families and caregivers more support to…

child with teacher getting additional autism care for my preschooler

Finding Additional Autism Care For My Preschooler

Getting a child screened and diagnosed properly makes a major difference in treating and caring for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Early intervention has proven effective in helping young children improve their development and life with the condition. Also, it’s allowed parents and caregivers to learn what needs to be done, so their family…

teacher and child in preschool special education program

Preschool Special Education Program

No matter how severe a child’s condition with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), they have a right to a free, appropriate public education. From the moment a child enters a preschool special education program, state and federal government guarantees protections and benefits to make sure they receive an appropriate education without cost to parents. However, finding…