Ascend Autism’s early intervention program provides in-home care for children who demonstrate early signs of autism. We tailor our program to each child’s needs depending on their condition. We expose our children to a wide range of learning opportunities and activities.

Child taking part in an early intervention treatment programIf you are looking for an early intervention program in Westchester, NY, and Fairfield County, CT, then contact us today. Our board-certified behavioral analyst can assess your child and provide the right intervention program that helps your child learn and grow. Contact us today to find out more about our autism spectrum disorder treatment programs.

Early Intervention Assessment

Once your child has an autism diagnosis, we conduct a Functional Behavior Assessment. The assessment helps us to determine the best approach for your child’s stage of development and how best to utilize Applied Behavior Analysis. The assessment includes:

Identifying Your Child’s Uniqueness

Every child in our early intervention program is unique. Therefore, we try to identify their individual differences, family environment, and resources available to them. Our goal is to meet your child where they are and start from there.

Determining Developmental Needs

Your child has a set of strengths and challenges. As such, they have developmental needs and challenges during the early stages of autism. We determine the best path for your child’s learning based on their strengths and challenges.

Helping Your Child Overcome Challenges

We provide treatment and education for parents to help you meet your goals for your child. Our specialists work with you to assist your child as they overcome specific challenges. We employ proven methods that promote real progress at home and in your child’s natural environment.

Developing a Long-Term Plan for Success

Our early intervention program prepares your child for long-term success throughout their life. We use a practical approach in every area of our treatment and education. When you partner with Ascend Autism, you will see real results that lead to a healthy and happy life.

Why We Use Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an evidence-based type of therapy that we utilize as part of all of our treatment programs, including our early intervention program. The analysis helps us to understand how your child’s behavior works and how it affects the world around them. It also gives us insight into how your child learns new things.

There are several benefits to a treatment program centered around Applied Behavior Analysis. First, ABA can improve a child’s language and ability to communicate. Second, it sharpens their focus, social skills, and academic performance. Third, it is can drastically reduce behavioral problems.

Services We Offer for Autism

The early intervention program in Westchester, NY and Fairfield County, CT, provides treatment for children 18 months to 7 years old. We offer a wide range of therapies, including:

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
  • Early intervention
  • Targeted intervention
  • School consultation
  • Social skills group activities
  • Parental training

Our services are designed to provide best-in-class therapy for your child and engage parents every step of the way. We offer flexible hours depending on the severity of the autism symptoms and the age of your child.

How We Can Help Your Child with Autism

There are several tools and strategies that we use to help your child, such as:

  • Working with toys and flashcards to stimulate human interaction
  • Repetition with day to day tasks
  • Teaching positive interaction with others
  • Coordinating with your child’s school to create a collaborative effort

Everything we do is geared toward measurable success and favorable outcomes. We partner with you to create a loving and stimulating atmosphere for your child. Our programs begin at home to focus on our child’s natural environment and eventually transition to situations and interactions found outside of the home.

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The team at Ascend Autism is dedicated to providing the highest level of treatment for your child. Our early intervention program in Westchester, NY and Fairfield County, CT, offers a nurturing environment where he or she can learn and grow. To find out more about our early intervention program, call us at 877.323.8668.