Behavioral therapy utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) as a scientifically proven, evidence-based treatment for those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has been heavily researched and proven to be effective across a number of service delivery models, including telehealth. Further, with the advances and greater access to video communication technology, it’s easier than ever before to communicate across great distances at any time. Here at Ascend Autism, we dedicate ourselves to providing not just the highest quality of care and treatment but also making it accessible to all. Using telehealth or telemedicine for autism treatment can shorten waiting lists, overcome geographic issues, and provide more schedule flexibility for families. Parents and children can turn to our telehealth services and receive the same quality of care, but access therapy remotely.

child and parent getting telehealth for autism treatmentBenefits of Telehealth Treatment

Hands-down, the primary benefit of telehealth for use in behavior therapy and ABA, in particular, is access. Whether it is due to geography, availability of therapists or barriers that inhibit a therapist entering your home, telehealth removes all of these obstacles and opens the door to the same quality of interactive, behavior therapy sessions focused on communication, social skills and daily living skills.

Another benefit of telehealth for autism treatment is additional schedule flexibility to provide parents and caregivers the training they need to support their child with ASD. At Ascend Autism, our experts walk parents and caregivers through best practices as part of our standard parent training program and provide a foundation for further telehealth sessions.

Requirements for Telehealth for Autism Treatment

For telehealth to be effective, individuals need to meet only a few practical requirements. Online or live video streaming requires a secure and reliable internet connection. Parents or caregivers need to have a stable device through which they can see and speak with their therapist. This is typically a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Once you have met the hardware requirements, then it becomes necessary to turn your attention to the space around you.

An advantage of telehealth for autism treatment is that the individual can get treatment in the comfort of their home. However, this still means one has to be prepared and organized. Try to not only set aside a clear block of time as you would for any appointment but also a clear space within your home that is free from distractions. As children become more familiar with the process, the various treatments and programs will become something more easily embraced.

Ascend Autism

Telehealth for autism treatment has numerous benefits. It meets the challenge presented by limited access to care. Also, it provides families with the necessary flexibility to get the treatment needed. At Ascend Autism, we understand the need to have as many resources as possible to address the unique issues facing families and individuals with ASD. One way we do this is through our telehealth services. Using online live streaming and conferencing, we can equip and empower parents and caregivers. Also, we can provide the therapy, guidance, and treatment an individual needs even if they cannot leave their home.

Ascend Autism’s experts are here to help parents sift through the information and find just what they need. We have an array of services for treating autism spectrum disorder and commit ourselves to help children and families. For instance, we offer the following:

  • Early Intervention
  • Targeted Intervention
  • Social Skills Work
  • Parental Services

So reach out to us today at 877.323.8668 or use our easy online form. We can get you the resources and treatment needed.